Subitis was started in 2020 as a response to the refugee crisis at the time taking place in Europe. We sympathised with the refugees that were fleeing from violence and persecution, and understood that they were seeking to improve the quality of their lives and their families lives.
Subitis cooperates with all the institutions that can enable it to fully achieve its objectives. Nationally, it works in close collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working to help underprivileged people. At the European level, it is in contact with sister associations whose experiences can help to strengthen its capacities. Internationally, it collaborates with the specialized agencies of the United Nations and the various international organizations that work to improve the living and working conditions of communities to reduce poverty and social inequalities.

Subitis can join any national or international association or organisation which pursues the same objectives as it. Our aim is to be the mediator which will find solutions for you (international organisations, association, companies) in order to make every step of supplying the needs easier and people lives better.